Today's Big Tippers

  1st:  JAZTI Resident, L$10
  2nd: No Record
  3rd: No Record
  4th: No Record
  5th: No Record

Last 7 Days (Prior to Today)

  1st:  Pomegranate Sorbet L$1,250
  2nd:  BluBlaize Resident L$350
  3rd:  Carl Carteret L$220
  4th:  PurrBlaize Resident L$200
  5th:  amanda2710 Dumpling L$150

November's Biggest Tippers

  1st:  Pomegranate Sorbet L$1,250
  2nd:  BluBlaize Resident L$550
  3rd:  PurrBlaize Resident L$400
  4th:  amanda2710 Dumpling L$250
  5th:  Carl Carteret L$220

Biggest Tippers of 2019

  1st:  Pomegranate Sorbet L$22,225
  2nd:  Carl Carteret L$11,756
  3rd:  BluBlaize Resident L$9,100
  4th:  PurrBlaize Resident L$8,050
  5th:  ZenCho Balhaus, L$6,361