Today's Big Tippers

  1st:  Samajas Resident, L$200
  2nd:  Carl Carteret, L$100
  3rd:  Libertine Frostbite, L$100
  4th:  Gerrii41 Resident L$100
  5th: No Record

Last 7 Days (Prior to Today)

  1st:  BJ Mefusula L$500
  2nd:  Carl Carteret L$351
  3rd:  Mina Delicioso L$250
  4th:  Contessa Susanto L$250
  5th:  Xaphyre Ansar L$200

June's Biggest Tippers

  1st:  Carl Carteret L$1,922
  2nd:  BJ Mefusula L$1,750
  3rd:  Otawan Fouquet L$1,350
  4th:  Mina Delicioso L$975
  5th:  Contessa Susanto L$800

Biggest Tippers of 2017

  1st:  Carl Carteret L$14,705
  2nd:  Otawan Fouquet L$12,990
  3rd:  Gerrii41 Resident L$7,199
  4th:  Raznikk Resident L$5,600
  5th:  Huggz0r Resident, L$5,000