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ASD Raffle Systems Web Tools

Attract Attention...

Attract new people to your places and keep them coming back with the ASD Raffle Systems! This scalable solution is perfect whether you want something fun for an upcoming event or want to start your own Grid-Wide Raffle!

The ASD Raffle Systems are unlike other "Raffle Balls" in Second Life. Contest Entries and most of your data is stored in external sql databases so even if sim crashes all your information is safe. Easily change most features by Touch Menu!

Users do not pay to enter so it's completely legal in SL and in real life. Use the raffle to help gain New Visitors, Group Members, Profile Picks, or just to keep people coming back!

Some of the ways to utilize ASD Raffle Systems:
   * Daily Event Raffles
   * Shop Owner's Weekly VIP Giveaways
   * Promotional Event Big Drawings
   * Major Grid-Wide Raffles

NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS!!! After purchasing item you can hold Raffles over and over again for the life of the product with no additional costs.

Integrated Web Tools allow you to track your Raffle using any internet browser! You can even make Badges that you can place on your site or blog to promote your Raffle with Previous Winner, current contest info, and SLurl link!

___ SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDED ________________________________

  Use either Linden Dollars or Objects as Prizes
    -Money - You select the amount of Lindens that will be paid to winner. Can be any number you want, and not restricted by menu choices.
    -Prize - You may have up to 18 Objects in raffle to use as prizes. You can select an object by name or set to choose randomly at drawing time.

  Four Different Raffle Modes, hold a different kind of contest each time!
    -Daily - Contest can be held at the time (SL Time) of your choosing.
    -Weekly - Set the day of week and time. Ex. Sunday at 12 PM.
    -Monthly - Set the day and time. Ex. 12 PM on the 4th.
    -Manual - Drawings are executed by owner/manager by Touch Menu.

  Allow Avatars to get Multiple 'Tickets'!
    -Allow users to enter once per contest, one per day or once per hour.
    -Multiple entries helps avatar's chances of winning.
    -Plus, keeps visitors coming back!

  Set Contest to Recur Automatically
    -You can have your contest repeat automatically or stop after the Drawing.
    -System can erase names for next contest or retain them. (Winner is always removed after contest)

  Instant Message all Participants After Option
    -The Raffle can IM everyone that entered the contest when it is over to tell them the Winner's name, prize, and when/if there's another contest beginning!
    -Will send them a SLurl to Main Raffle Object if Contest is set to Recur.

  Optional Restrictions & Security Features!
    -Must be Present - Great for events to keep people there til the end!
    -Group-Only - When in use only group members can enter.
    -Profile Picks - When enabled users must have Place in Profile Picks to Win.
    -Anti-Bot - Requires user to answer a random math question to enter.
    -Pay Info - Requires user to have payment info on file with Linden Lab.
    -Min Age - How old in months users must be at least to enter, (up to 12.)
    -Max Age - Don't allow avatars older than this many months, (24 max.)
    -Ban List - Add unlimited names of avatars not allowed to win.

  Place Unlimited Raffle Objects Grid-Wide!
    -All connected to the same contest!
    -Set includes a Main unit, which is your Raffle's home base, and you get Copyable Secondary objects that you can have anywhere in Second Life! Not just restricted to same sim! (Note: when using Picks, you may only use one pick per contest.)

  Optional Floating Text
    -Turn Floating Text On/Off and select your Text color from over 50 choices by menu!  

  Built In Announcements with Shout On/Off
    -None:  For no Announcements
    -Min:  Will Announce Winner & New Contest start
    -Med:  Winner, New Contest, & New Entry to contest
    -Max:  All above plus an announcement every hour!

  Allow Managers
    -Set up to 18 Managers that can change settings and control the Raffle in-world.  

  Email Reports and Owner IM's Optional
    -Receive email after contest with winner, prize, and all entries names.
    -Get an Instant Message after contest over with winner and prize. 

  Objects are Customizable
    -Includes simple Orb and Raffle Board designs.
    -Raffle Boards can display Prize, Previous Winner, and Contest Rules automatically! (Lower prim options included)
    -Select from 8 colorful designs built-in to raffle board or use your own texture!
    -Or use any objects you make yourself or have modify rights to!  

  Free Product Updates

  Web Tools connects your Raffle to your Web Browser
    -Track all your Contest's Entries online.
    -View Previous Winner's List online (last 90 days.)
    -Badges to place info about your Raffle on your Website or Blog!
    -Opt into public listing on web: http://www.asdwebtools.com/raffles.php

___ PRICES AND PERMISSIONS __________________________________

The ASD Raffle Systems Sets are available in 4 editions. The only difference is the total amount of contestants allowed to enter your contest at once. You can upgrade your Raffle from home later if you ever need more entries allowed and pay only the difference. So you can start off with the smaller one but if your needs outgrow it you can just upgrade!

Click on Edition name below for the SL Marketplace Listing.

* BRONZE: L$500 - Up to 100 entries - Great for Daily Raffles or Manual ones at your Events.

* SILVER: L$800 - Up to 250 entries - Perfect for Weekly Contests.

* GOLD: L$1600 - Up to 1000 entries - For more serious contests, such as a large money prize or Monthly Raffles.

* PLATINUM: L$3200 - 999,999 entries max - With practically unlimited entrants this version is for BIG contests, like a Grid-Wide raffle you plan to promote and run for an extended amount of time.

Each Raffle Set Includes:
   1 Single Raffle ID*
   Copyable Raffle Orbs & Scripts
   Copyable Raffle Board Designs
   Copyable Information Sign
   Upgrade Object
   Basic Web Tools Access for object owner.

*You may only have one contest running at a time for each Raffle ID. Raffle ID's never expire and you can have unlimited contests throughout the lifetime of the product, just not overlapping. For multiple contests at once you will need to buy more sets.

    Raffle & Sign Objects are Modifiable.
    All of the Scripts included are NO MOD.

  Purchase:  In-World - SL Marketplace - Buy Raffle Object Shells - Buy Entry Plugin - Buy Twitter Plugin

  Help:  Full Instructions Online - Frequently Asked Questions

___ ADDITIONAL IMAGES & SCREENSHOTS _____________________

Click on a thumbnail below for full size image.


___ RAFFLE PLUGINS AVAILABLE _____________________

Plugins add additional functions but require a Raffle System to work. Plugins are sold separately.


Entry Plugin for Raffle Systems
This plugin allows your guests to attain extra tickets to your Raffle through Donations/Tips, Product Vendors, or Link Messages. More tickets means they have a better chance of winning!

SLurl | SL Marketplace | Instructions



Raffle Shells are objects that you can use for your Raffle Contests and are sold separately.

Shells do not include raffle scripts. Once acquired you can simply move all your Raffle Scripts into the objects. More Info.

   Raffle Waffle Shell

   24k Gold Bars Shell

   Treasure Chest Shell

   Diamond Raffle Shell

   Star Raffle Shell