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Payment Portal for Visitor Tracker Instructions      

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The Payment Portal is the only way you can pay to add time to your Tracker(s). It is an object you own and is included with your Visitor Tracker product.

Payments can be made any time. There is no limit to how many months you can pay in advance. Users pay for multiple Trackers at once. Your price will vary depending on the number of active trackers you're using. See below to learn how to make a payment.

Your Tracker(s)' expiration date will be shown in the Payment Portal's owner menu and floating text.

In addition to the float text the object's texture stripe will change color to let you know time is running out. It is green when you have more than 5 days remaining. It will turn orange when 5 days are left and red when you have 2 or less days left.

For pricing details see this page:


Owner can touch the object for options:

       PAYMENT: Select this when you're ready to make a payment (see below.)

       VIEW LOGS: Takes you to a page on Web Tools with your previous transactions.

       HIDE/SHOW TEXT: Will hide or show float text.

       REFRESH: Refreshes your expiration and payment data from web.

       RESET: Resets scripts.

       TURN OFF/ON: Turns Payment Portal off or on. Will not keep track of time remaining when off. It will refresh data when turned back on.


Payments can be made any time. Just follow these steps:

     1. Touch the Payment Portal and select PAYMENT button from menu. (You will not be charged until the end of the process and can cancel before paying.)

     2. Grant Pay Permissions when prompted.

     3. A dialog menu will inform you of how many Trackers you are paying for. Click OK.

     4. Pay the Object. You will be given 4 fast-pay options. These are for 1-4 months.

Once you pay the object, the object will then pay the bank avatar: ASDTracker Resident.

Note: Payments will show in your SL Transaction History as you first paying yourself, and then you paying ASDTracker Resident, but money will only leave your account once.

After making a payment you will be given a confirmation number in private chat. (This will match the log ID in SL Transaction History.) The Payment Portal will update your expiration date.

Your Tracker object(s) will update their expiration automatically within 24 hours -or- you can select RELOAD from Tracker main menu to refresh it manually. (You may want to do this if your account had previously expired to bring the Tracker back online without waiting.)

After making a payment you may start the process over to add additional months.



Payments can only be made through the Payment Portal object at this time.


  Q: When I pay for a month, how many days are added to my service?

    A: 28 days (4 weeks) are added with each monthly payment.


  Q: Do I need to have the Payment Portal out all the time?

    A: No. You can put it away and only take it out when you want to make a payment. If you leave it out it can help remind you of how many days are left.


  Q: What happens if I turn the Payment Portal object OFF?

    A: It will no longer keep tally of how many days are left. This will save on lag if you want to keep the object out but only turn it on when you need to check it or make payments.


  Q: What happens if I stop paying?

    A: Once your account expires your Tracker(s) will shut down and send you an IM. Visitors will not be recorded until you make another payment. Your prior data will not be lost and when you make another payment your Trackers will come back online. Make payments before your account expires to prevent downtime for your Tracker.


  Q: Can I resize the Payment Portal?

    A: Yes.


See the Payment Facts page for more information:

Please IM Alicia Stella in-world if you have any questions or wish to set up your payment account and receive the updated Visitor Tracker system.