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Beginning October 27, 2017 regular Visitor Tracker usage will end. From that date forward only users that are paying a monthly fee will be able to continue to use their tracker(s). This is in an attempt to stabilize the system. More information on this decision can be found in the announcement here:

Currently users must contact Alicia Stella to request their account be activated for paid usage. You will receive a welcome package and an updated Visitor Tracker set. Your previous stats and visitor information will not be lost.

Please see the pricing information below. Discounts are available depending on how many Trackers you want to run.


   ▷  1 Tracker:       L$1600  /  Month
   ▷  2 Trackers:     L$2500  /  Month
   ▷  3 Trackers:     L$3200  /  Month
   ▷  4 Trackers:     L$4000  /  Month
   ▷  5 Trackers:     L$4500  /  Month
   ▷  More than 5:   L$5000+  /  Month

*An additional L$500 fee per tracker per month may be charged in cases of extreme bandwidth usage. (Only if your tracker records a very high number of visitors every day. This is rare.) This will be addressed when setting up your payment account.


"Months" are defined as 4-week periods (28 days each.)

Payments can be made any time. You will be given an object that you can pay to extend your account.

There is no limit to how many months you can pay in advance.

Users with multiple trackers will be paying for all trackers at same time. (For example, if you are using two trackers your payments will be L$2500, and that will extend the expiration for both at the same time.)

Your new Visitor Tracker will show expiration date in owner menu. You can also track expiration date on Web Tools and from the payment object: Expiration Date Example

You may specify which Tracker IDs you wish to continue to use when setting up your payment account. You do not need to use and pay for all the trackers you own. You can however activate them for paid use later, just IM Alicia Stella when you're ready.


Visitor Trackers are now for sale, but can only be purchased through Alicia Stella directly. They cost L$2000 each, and include one free month of use. IM Alicia Stella any time if you wish to purchase additional trackers.

Please Note: When purchasing additional Trackers your account will need to be brought up to date for your new total number of trackers. For example, if you have prepaid for 3 months for 1 Tracker and then purchase 1 more new Tracker, you will need to prepay for service for your new tracker to match your other one. That way all your trackers have the same expiration date and can be extended together with your next payment.



  Q: Will my Tracker data be erased?

    A: No, paying users will have full access to their prior data. Non-paying users will continue to have access to their data through the remainder of 2017. (Information can be downloaded in CSV format on Web Tools.)


  Q: Can my Tracker automatically charge me every month?

    A: No. For security reasons payments can only be made manually by the owner. Payments can be made any time to your payment object. You may pay for months in advance so you do not need to worry about it for awhile.


  Q: When I pay for a month, how many days are added to my service?

    A: 28 days (4 weeks) are added with each payment.


  Q: What happens if I stop paying?

    A: Once your account expires your Tracker(s) will shut down and send you an IM. Visitors will not be recorded until you make another payment. Your prior data will not be lost and when you make another payment your Trackers will come back online. Make payments before your account expires to prevent downtime for your Tracker.


  Q: How do I know if my Tracker uses extreme bandwidth?

    A: Alicia Stella will let you know when setting up your payment account if your Tracker uses more resources than normal and requires an additional charge. 99% of users will not require this additional charge.


  Q: Why has the Tracker service suddenly become a paid service?

    A: The system was becoming far too costly to maintain reliable service. A decision was originally made to close down the Tracker service permanently, but after an overwhelming response from users the decision was made to offer a paid variation to those that wish to continue using it rather than closing it down entirely. Fees collected are used to maintain the service. More details


  Q: My friend wants to purchase a Visitor Tracker, but it is not in your store?

    A: Anyone can IM Alicia Stella now to purchase a new Tracker set. Payment accounts must be set up manually at this time however, so it is not yet available in stores. See section above called ADDITIONAL TRACKERS for new Tracker pricing info

Please IM Alicia Stella in-world if you have any questions or wish to set up your payment account and receive the updated Visitor Tracker system.