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ASD VISITOR TRACKER - Version 2.0a   

PLEASE NOTE: You can use one Tracker ID per location. A location can be a sim, parcel, or radius in meters. You can purchase more Visitor Tracker sets if you have more locations you want to track at the same time.

These Instructions are separated into 7 sections:
  1. The License Box (Do this First)
  2. Tracker Object Setup Instructions
  3. Staff Notifier (Optional)
  4. Greeter Info Boards (Optional)
  5. Announcer Object (Optional)
  6. Web Tools and Graphs
  7. FAQ and Help

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Rez your included "License Box" Object. (If you purchased a bundle pack it will include a License Box for each in bundle.)

It will automatically create your database and issue you a Tracker ID number.

After finished it will Die and poof. You only get one ID per License Box. (Purchase more Visitor Tracker sets to get more IDs.)

If there is a problem creating the database the License Box will display information in floating text and issue a warning message. Follow whatever instructions it says.




This object stores your visitor info to the web. You must only have 1 Tracker object running per ID number.

  1. Rez 1 of the objects named "Visitor Tracker [MAIN]" in a safe place. You can use the 4 prim or the 2 prim version. The only difference is the 4 prim version displays your totals on it.

  2. Select the Tracker ID number to use from dialog Menu that appears. (Reset Scripts if no menu.)

  3. Touch and choose "Settings" from menu.

     SCAN TIMER: How often to check for new visitors.

     SCAN MODE: Region, Parcel, or All Parcels in Sim by same Owner as current parcel

     SCAN RANGE: Optionally limit to radius around object.

     GROUP EXCLUDE: Excludes avatars wearing same group as tracker.

     OWNER IM: Optionally IM owner when new visitor arrives: always, when owner online, or when owner is in-sim only.

  4. Select "Web Tools" button from touch menu to view your location stats and graphs on the Internet. (If you are not signed up on our site yet this button will help you get registered too. Select the button again from menu once signed up to verify account.)

  5. That's it! Now you're recording all your visitors. Touch the object to turn the system on/off, check stats, or change settings at any time.

You can set up the optional signs and staff notify objects next, see below.




This object can IM your employees when new visitors arrive, with visitor name and link to view profile.

Once rezzed select your Tracker ID from dialog menu.

Add avatar keys to the notecard inside the object. The keys at the top will be messaged first when there is a new visitor.

Touch object to change settings:

     NOTIFY MODE: IM only the first avatar or IM All available on list.

     SIM MODE: IM avatars in sim or Anywhere as long as they are online.

Any avatar with a key in list is able to Touch object and select "Opt Out" or "Opt In" to stop/start receiving messages. (Note: this will be reset if script is reset.)

Please note that the object owner can receive IM notifications through the Main Tracker Object instead, see above.




Display your Visitor Counts publicly on your land with these boards. Optionally greet visitors with a message, dialog menu, or more.

Rez one of the "Visitor Counts" boards and select your Tracker ID from the dialog menu.

Open the object and edit the notecard inside to use the built-in greeter options. Greeter is off by default.

Touch object to change your object's appearance: Colors and Textures.

NOTE: If you'd like to add a bot or other group join script to the greeter object there is a Link Message you can use for Group Add. This group add link message is only triggered when a user selects JOIN GROUP from greeter dialog menu. The string is "GROUPJOIN" in all caps. The number is 0. And the key is the visitor's UUID key.




This object can make public announcements in local chat when new guests arrive. Can be perfect for clubs and venues to help customers and employees know when new people arrive.

Once rezzed select your Tracker ID from dialog menu.

Edit the settings inside notecard in object. Device can SHOUT, SAY, or WHISPER a custom message when new guests arrive.

Touch object to turn the device on/off or reset scripts.




Touch the Main Tracker object and select 'Web Tools' from menu.

If you have not already registered you will be taken to the signup page. After registered the "Web Tools" button in Touch Menu will take you to the Control Panel online, (you may need to log in first.)

NOTE: You must register with your username exactly the same as your avatar name in Second Life, first and last with a space in between. You will not be able to use Web Tools if your name does not match exactly.



Once logged into the website you can manage your Visitor Tracker in the following ways:

     MANAGERS LIST: Avatars allowed to use Visitor Tracker and Web Tools

     EXCLUDE LIST: Avatars to not keep records for (bots, employees, etc)

     EMAIL REPORTS: Receive Daily and/or Weekly reports with statistics

     SECURITY OPTIONS: Reset secret code and region channel.

     RECORDS: View or export daily visitor count totals

     STATISTICS: View charts for day, week, month, year, and visitors

     VISITOR PROFILES: View data for every visitor: visits, stats, logs and more

     LOGS: A record for every visit with duration, arrival and leave times, etc

     SEARCH: Find visitors in your database by name or key

     SETTINGS: Change all settings by web, most can be set via object in world as well

     EDIT COUNT TOTALS: Set your total visitors count or reset all to zero (Can be useful if you're replacing an older visitor counter and want to start where you left off.)

     PLUGINS: Currently only web badges, for displaying totals on your own website.

     PAYMENTS: View your expiration date and payment transaction logs.




  Q: Why does it stop working when I leave the sim or go Offline?

    A: Check to be sure you have permission to run scripts on the land parcel and be sure the object is set to the right group if needed. When Parcel settings allow only GROUP to RUN SCRIPTS the object must be set to same group, (even if you are the land owner.)


  Q: Can I have more than 1 location in same sim?

    A: Yes, as long as you have a separate Tracker ID per Main Tracker object running.


  Q: What is a location?

    A: A location can be an entire sim, a parcel, or all parcels in same sim owned by same owner as the one with main object (Parcels can be owned by avatar or a group). You can also limit the range around object to any amount of meters. Touch main object to change these settings. The main tracker object does not use a scanner so it is lower lag than most visitor counters. Tracking an entire sim is no more laggy than a parcel or range.


  Q: Is there a limit to how many IDs an avatar can purchase?

    A: If you own 21 or less Tracker IDs it will be okay. If you do happen to own 22 or more you will need to IM Alicia Stella for a new version of the objects.


  Q: Why did my Tracker object suddenly Shut Down?

    A: If you rez another Tracker Object and set it to the same ID already in use the older object will Shut Down and IM the owner. (This may happen immediately or some time later.) In rare occasions it may happen accidentally due to web connection issues or Second Life error. Reset scripts if it happens unexpectedly.


  Q: What does Unique Visitors mean?

    A: A Unique Visitor is someone visiting for the first time (since you started recording visitors).


  Q: It says my Web Tools account is not "Verified." What's that all about?

    A: You just need to select the "Web Tools" button from the Main Tracker object's Touch Menu. Your account should then be verified and your option to manage tracker will appear on the site.


  Q: Why can't I get Web Tools to work? I can login but not access my Tracker.

    A: Did you create your Web Tools' Username *exactly* as your name in Second Life? It must be your First and Last name with a space in between. Example: "Alicia Stella". You can change your username here:


  Q: Why is the Main object "busy" for a few minutes at midnight?

    A: Your Visitor Tracker will calculate the day's totals and send data to the database around midnight each night. It will be unavailable for 1 to 5 minutes and will display float text during this process. Try not to change settings or reload while in process.


  Q: Can I incorporate my bot for group joins?

    A: Yes, but only through the optional greeter objects (called 'Visitor Counts'). Consult your bot's instructions for how to add a script with Linked Messages. You should be able to drop your bot script into the greeter object. There is a link message that is triggered when a user selects JOIN GROUP from greeter dialog menu. The string for the link message is "GROUPJOIN" in all caps. The number is 0. And the key is the visitor's UUID key.


  Q: How do I change the place name?

    A: You can change the place name, seen by owner inworld and on Web Tools pages, from the Settings tab on Web Tools. It is called Place Name.


  Q: Why has the Tracker service suddenly become a paid service?

    A: The system was becoming far too costly to maintain reliable service. A decision was originally made to close down the Tracker service permanently, but after an overwhelming response from users the decision was made to offer a paid variation to those that wish to continue using it rather than closing it down entirely. Fees collected are used to maintain the service. More details


All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time).

Payments can only be made through the Payment Portal object at this time.


PLEASE NOTE: You can use one Tracker ID per location. A location can be a sim, parcel, or radius in meters around the Main object. You can purchase more Visitor Tracker sets if you have more locations you want to track at the same time.


VER 2.0a - October 27, 2017: Required Update

  Visitor Tracker now requires monthly payments to run. More details can be found here.


VER 1.7 - May 4, 2015: Required Update

  Stability Updates: Now connects through a more stable server.

  Creates less lag when in heavy traffic.

  Group Exclude Option: When enabled, anyone with the same group as the tracker object will not be counted and will not receive greeter menu. (Enable from touch menu in Main object or Settings tab on Web Tools.) Great for staff and owners, without having to add everyone to Exclude List.

  'Guest View' Button added to Greeter Objects: Allows owner to see what the greeter menu looks like for visitors.

  Menus wait 15 seconds to come back after user selects Website button on greeter menu.


VER 1.6 - April 23, 2014: Update

  Region Restart Bugfix: Older Trackers might lose connection to web after a region restart.


VER 1.5 - March 4, 2014: Update

  Midnight Bugfix

  Daily and Weekly Emails Bugfix

  Default Timer set to 60 seconds


VER 1.1 - November 15, 2013: Update

  Tracker Main Object Memory Bugfix

  Display Boards now give greeter menu to users that touch board (when greeter mode in use and not to owner).


VER 1.0 - November 11, 2013: Product Original Release