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Most Tipped Plugin for Tipping Server    

NOTE: This plugin may be applied to one server channel only. Multiple copies of the plugin would need to be purchased if you own more than one channel and wish to use Most Tipped Boards for each.  


These Instructions are separated into sections:
  General Use
  Setup Instructions
  Boards and Objects
  About the Menu Options
  Web Settings / Exclude List
  Helpful Tips & FAQ's

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_____General Use_________________________

This plugin allows you to display the Most Tipped Staff Members at your place in the form of Boards or objects. This can create friendly competition between staff members to try and out earn one another or can be used for incentives, contests, etc.

You may also use Web Tools to display stats on your own website or blog.


_____Setup Instructions____________________

Rez your included "License Box" Object.

Touch (click on) the License Box object.

You will see a dialog menu with all of your Tipping Server Channels. (If you do not have a channel yet you must first set up a Tipping Server (sold separately.)

Select the server channel you want to apply this plugin to.

Once plugin installed the License Box will vanish. You may only apply this plugin to one (1) channel.

You should now be able to use any of the included Most Tipped object styles and select the channel from dialog menu on rez.


_____Boards and Objects___________________

Included in the original package should be 4 different objects that can be used to display the Most Tipped. These are modifiable so they can be resized. See below for more options and customization tips.

Keep one in the employee only area for staff to see (can be resized smaller) or display it publicly. It's up to you.

Most Tipped [22 Prim] Text & Images
- This is the main design. It is a board that displays staff members' profile pics as well as prim text for their names and amount totals.

Most Tipped [17 Prim] Text
- This Board displays prim text of names and amounts only. (It looks sort of like a Contest Board.)

Most Tipped [7 Prim] Images
- This Board shows Profile Pictures of staff members. Names and amounts are displayed but using floating text to save prims.

Most Tipped [1 Prim] Float Text
- You can use the scripts in this object in any object you want! This will display stats in floating text only.


_____About the Menu Options_______________

Touch a Most Tipped object for an Owner Menu. Tipping Server Managers will also be able to access this Menu.


This will turn the device on or off. No stats will be displayed while off.


Downloads the stats immediately and updates the totals shown.


Here you are able to select what timeframe to show stats from.

TODAY - Shows the top 5 for today. (Pacific time.)
7 DAYS - Displays top 5 for the previous 7 days. (Prior to today.)
MONTH - Top 5 only from this month.
YEAR - Shows the top 5 for the current year so far.
CYCLE - This will show all modes, one after another on loop.
CYCLE TIMER - When Cycle mode is selected this is how often to cycle through the various pages of stats.


Use the Web Tools site to get URLs you can link from your homepage or blog.


The object will only update the stats at the rate you set here. This is to save on lag in your venue and load on the web server.

If you're having an event you can set it low such as every 5 MINS. If you're not having much activity at your place you can set it higher like every 4 hours. Default is 30 MINS.

You can always Refresh is manually from menu if you want to see it sooner.


Depending on which objects you are using you may have 1 to all of the features below in Appearance menu.

FONTS - Select a font style for text overlay.
COLORS - Select Colors for font overlay and base object.
TEXTURES - Select base object texture design.
TEXT COLOR/FLOAT TEXT - Float and prim text colors and hide/show floating text option.

RESET (Owner Only)

This will reset the scripts. You will need to select tipping channel again (as if you re-rezzed object.)


_____Web Settings / Exclude List ____________

Select 'Web Tools' button from Plugin Board's touch menu to visit in your browser.

Go to the PLUGINS section of your Tipping Server's web tools. Here you can edit Exclude Lists and Create Badges to display Most Tipped on your website or blog.

You may list unlimited Avatars and Categories to exclude from the most tipped counts. Avatars listed will not be shown on plugin boards. This is in case you would like to exclude certain employees or owners from appearing on the boards.



You may resize the object as needed. It can be really big or even really small.

Touch the Object for Appearance Menus, (see above for more information.)

Do NOT link or unlink the multi-prim versions. This may cause them to break.

You may use the scripts in the 1 Prim version in any object you have modify rights to. To do this you must first OPEN the Most Tipped [1 Prim] object in-world and Copy the Contents to your Inventory, (like unpacking a box.) Then move the scripts from your Inventory to the new object to use. Reset the scripts before first use.

In the board objects that show profile pictures on them you can replace the default textures inside the base prim with your own textures. They must be the same names as before: "noimage" and "norecord." After replacing the textures you MUST select "Reset" from Touch Menu to load.


_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's_________________

If your objects are not working:

Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts.

Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, and then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded Objects will not work correctly.

To save on lag during an event when you want to keep the Refresh Rate fast like at 5 minutes, you can set the Mode to DAY or MONTH. If using boards with pictures it will cut down on image loading time in your SL viewer especially.



VER 1.0 - November 2009: Product Original Release