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Twitter Plugin for ASD Raffle Systems    

NOTE: This plugin may be used with all of your raffles. If you have purchased this Plugin more than once you may contact Alicia Stella for a refund of excess purchases.  


These Instructions are separated into 4 sections:
  General Use
  Setup Instructions
  Configuration Options
  Helpful Tips & FAQ's

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_____General Use_________________________

This plugin allows your Raffle running in Second Life to update your Twitter Status automatically with SLurl, so people can visit your place.

You can set when the Raffle "tweets" messages to Twitter.


_____Setup Instructions____________________

First you will need an account at

You must also have an ASD Raffle System MAIN object in Second Life..

Move the scripts and notecards from the Twitter Plugin box to a folder in your Inventory.

From inside your Inventory, edit the "-Twitter Plugin Settings" note. (You should make a back-up copy before editing, in case of error.)

Open your Raffle MAIN object. Drag the Twitter Plugin settings note and the 2 scripts from your Inventory into the Raffle object's contents.

Reset Scripts in the Raffle Object and select the raffle ID from dialog menu.

Within 2 minutes you should see a dialog menu asking you to verify your Twitter account. Click the button to go to the URL and choose ALLOW from the page once you are there. You must wait until the Raffle object says in world: "Raffle is now successfully connected to Twitter" before closing your web browser or it will not work.


_____Configuration Options_______________

Change these settings in the "-Twitter Plugin Settings" notecard. You must Reset Scripts in object after making changes while notecard is inside Raffle Object.

Use Twitter Plugin? It will not work unless you have TRUE.
*To turn the plugin on or off, change this line to FALSE or TRUE.

Post message on Twitter with Winner/New contest begining?
*If the contest ends and is set to recur a SLurl will be used in addition to announcing winner. If not set to recur only the winner will be announced.

Post message on Twitter every day around 12PM, noon Second Life time?

Post message on Twitter every night around 12AM, midnight Second Life time?

NOTE: Twitter may not post similar status updates within too short of a time period. You should not use both Daily and Nightly; only one or the other.

You can have up to 20 characters of text at the begining.
PrefixText=#SL Raffle:
*You may choose to use your company name here.

You can have up to 20 characters text at the end. This is good for hashtags.
*Hashtags help people find your posts. Popular ones are #SL #secondlife and #inSL
* More info:

NOTE: If your contest name is long you should keep prefix and suffix short or leave blank. Contest name is truncated when total message exceeds 140 characters.

If you have a account you would like to use to shorten the url provide your username and api key.
*If you have your own account you can see exactly how many people are clicking on your links.
* is a free website service that shortens web url's.
*You can register for a free account here:
*These settings can be left blank if you do not want to use your own account.

You can get the API Key from this page:


_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's_________________

If your objects are not working:

Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts.

Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, and then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded Objects will not work correctly.

Disclaimer: Alicia Stella Design is in no way affiliated with Twitter or The performance of this plugin depends on the availability of these 2 websites. Twitter may not post multiple similar status updates in a row.



VER 1.0 - May 24, 2010: Product Original Release