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_____Raffle Board Templates 2.0_________________________

These images are for Raffle version 2.0 or newer and are in jpg format. More details and older versions below.

Right-Click a link and select 'Save Link As'. Choose a destination on your desktop.

Download Basic Raffle Board Templates (zip) - 800 kb - 8 files

Use these as a guide when creating your own image. Start with these as the base layer in your graphics program and build your image on top. Remove base layer when finished.

Download All Raffle Board Templates (zip) - 10 mb - 64 files

Pick the color and design you want to use and add your logo on top in your graphics program.

Everything is in 8 colors: Gray, Red, Blue, Teal, Green, Orange, Pink, & Purple

Images for both formats: Money Contests and Prize Contests.

And in 4 Raffle Board styles:
Raffle Board A - ALL - Shows all text on board.
Raffle Board B - LAST WINNER - Shows previous winner on board.
Raffle Board C - RULES - Shows requirements to enter on the board.
Raffle Board D - PLAIN - Classic style.

After uploading into Second Life, rename your files to _moneytexture or _prizetexture and drop them into your Raffle Board object's contents. In the touch menu choose OBJ OPTIONS > TEXTURE > INVENTORY and it will load the new images.

_____Raffle Board Templates 1.0_________________________

These images are for Raffle version 1.0 to 1.9 and are in jpg format.

Right-Click a link and select 'Save Link As'.

Money Version Texture

Prize Version Texture