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Entry Plugin for ASD Raffle Systems    

NOTE: This plugin may be used with all of your raffles. If you have purchased this Plugin more than once you may contact Alicia Stella for a refund of excess purchases.  


These Instructions are separated into 4 sections:
  General Use
  Setup Instructions
  How to Use Scripts
    -Tip Version
    -Pay Version
    -API Version
  Helpful Tips & FAQ's

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_____General Use_________________________

This plugin allows your guests to attain extra tickets to your Raffle through multiple means. You can limit how many tickets they can collect. Only 1 ticket can be awarded at a time using these scripts.

Give Users a "Ticket" every time they:
    -Make a donation or tip
    -Purchase an item in your store
    -Step on your ASD Welcome Mat
    -Walk into scan radius of ASD Group Info Board
    -Or anything you want through Link Message!

Guests will still be able to enter your raffle through your raffle boards/objects.

They will not have to already be entered to receive a ticket through these scripts, (although depending on your raffle's entry limits they might not be able to enter again through a raffle board if they already received a ticket another way).

Please Note: These scripts will allow guests to enter your raffle regardless of your security settings, however if you have Profile Picks required they will need to have place in picks at time of drawing to be eligible. Must be present to win will also still apply no matter how they entered. They will be warned if they need to be present or have place in picks to win when they get a ticket. Avatars on your raffle's ban list will never receive tickets.


_____Setup Instructions____________________

1. Each version includes a script and a settings notecard.

2. Drop these into your object and change the settings in notecard. (See next section.)

3. Then reset the script and it will load your raffle's info.

That's it! Be sure your raffle is running for the scripts to work.


_____How to Use the Scripts_________________

You will need to put the 6-digit Raffle ID in the settings notecard before using. This is the number given to you when setting up your raffle (sold separately). You can look up your raffle ID by logging into Web Tools and going here: and click on Manage my Raffle.

All of the Settings notecards also include an option to limit how many tickets avatars can have to receive another ticket. You can set TicketLimit to 0 (zero) to not have a ticket limit. And you can have different limits in different objects.


This version will give users a ticket when they pay at least a minimum amount.

Set your minimum amount in Settings notecard.

Drop the script and settings notecard into an existing tip jar or donation box you already own, or use the included free donation box script that came with this product. As long as you have a script that enables Payment to the object this version will work.

Can only give away one ticket at time when the object is paid the minimum amount or more.


This version will give users a ticket when they buy something from a vendor for a specific amount.

Set your specific payment amount in Settings notecard.

Drop the script and settings notecard into an existing single item vendor, or use the included free one-item vendor script included with this product. As long as you have a script that enables Payment of only a specific amount this version will work.

Can only give away one ticket at time when object is paid the specific amount.

NOTE: If you have vendors with multiple items (for different price amounts) in the same vendor, you should use one of the other two versions. The API Version uses link messages to give tickets, so you can use your vendor's ANS (Automatic Notification System). -Or- A more simple approach would be to use the Tipping/Donation version scripts (see above) and set a minimum amount to award a ticket. Dropping that script into any multi item vendor will still work when it's paid an amount more than the minimum.

API / LINK MESSAGE VERSION ------------------

This version will give users a ticket when told to by Link Message.

You can drop the settings note and script into your Welcome Mat or ASD Group Info Board from Alicia Stella Design and it will give a ticket when someone steps on Mat or is scanned by Group Board. These items are sold separately.

To use your own objects use the included Example Link Message script to communicate with main script or just add the following link message to your own scripts:

llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "GIVEENTRY", userkey);

Try to limit your requests at least 5 seconds before another one.


_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's_________________

If your scripts are not working:

Check to be sure your raffle is running.

You must be the owner of the raffle ID you are trying to use.

Your raffle must be version 2.0 or higher.

Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts.

Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, and then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection." This will cause it to re-load settings and try to connect to server again.

Disclaimer: Raffle tickets should not be sold for money on their own. Instead give them away free with a purchase, donation, or other user interaction, but only as a bonus. This is to stay within Linden Lab's policy on gambling and wagering in Second Life. Seller of this product is not responsible for any improper use. More info.

You should keep access to your Main raffle board/object open so users may still Touch it to enter at least once without a purchase being necessary.



VER 1.0 - February 10, 2013: Product Original Release