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ASD RAFFLE SYSTEMS - Version 2.1   

ONLY HAVE 1 MAIN UNIT REZZED PER RAFFLE ID. Only the most recently rezzed Main object will work correctly.
(Rez 1 Main object & unlimited 'Secondary' objects per contest.)



These Instructions are separated into 7 sections:
  1. The License Box (Do this First)
  2. Raffle Setup Instructions
  3. About the Settings Notecard
  4. Touch Menu Features
  5. Web Tools Info
  6. Upgrade Info
  7. FAQ and Help

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Before setting up a Raffle you will first need to get a Raffle ID setup.

Rez your included "License Box" Object. (Make sure you are not set Busy.)

It will automatically create your database and issue you an ID Number.

After finished it will Die and poof. You only get one ID number per License Box. (More may be purchased.)

If there is a problem creating the database the License Box will display information in floating text and issue a warning message. Follow whatever instructions it says.




  1. Rez either the "Raffle (Main)" or "Raffle Board (MAIN)" object and select Raffle ID to use from dialog Menu. (Reset Scripts if no menu.)

  2. Fill out the Settings notecard inside object. You must select "Load Note" from Reset/Load menu after saving or the settings will not be saved. ('Reset All' button does not load note and it does not load on rez either.)

  3. Touch the Raffle (MAIN) object for settings menus to setup your contest (info below.)

  4. Select "Web Tools" button from touch menu to manage your Raffle(s) on the internet. (If you are not signed up on our site yet this button will help you get registered too.)

  5. Optional: Set up Raffle (Secondary) objects anywhere in Second Life! Users can enter your raffle from these objects from anywhere you place them. (You cannot change raffle settings from Secondary objects but avatars can enter a contest from them.)




Edit the Raffle Settings note inside the raffle object and select "Load Note" button from Reset/Load menu after saving.

-You can have up to 18 Managers by adding names to the manager list in the note. Managers have most of the abilities for the Raffle MAIN object as owners do in-world. Managers cannot use Web Tools or Secondary objects.

-Set your Contest name! Used everywhere and visible to all this text cannot exceed 128 characters.

-You can give a Nickname for this Raffle. Nicknames are handy for telling apart multiple server ID's on the Web Tools site if you have more than one.

-You can set your owner IM's on/off. This will tell you who won the contest and the prize they received after raffle ended.

-Clear All allows you to set whether to remove all entrants after a winner is drawn, or retain names for next contest. (The winner will always be removed after winning, and must enter again.)

-Must be present settings allow you to require avatars be near the raffle when a winner is found, or they will not be eligible.

-Set a password if you like for extra security. You never need to use this password, it's just for the scripts' use.

-Also you can specify an email address to receive a full report after contest completion including winner info, prize info, and list of all entries.

-If you wish to create Restrictions for your contest you can set your Security features in the Settings note as well.


Put TRUE for group members only (same as object.)
**A great way to increase your Group Memberships!

Custom Message when Touched in Group Mode. (If FALSE a URL to Join your Group will be used instead.)
CustomJoinText=IM a staff member to be added to group.
**You would only need to use this if your Group is NOT Open Enrollment. That way you can explain by which means people may join your group.

Put TRUE for only avatars that have your place in their profile picks.
**The more avatars that have your place in their Picks the higher your place's ranking will be in the SL Search.
**Note that it can take up to 24-48 hours for a New Pick to appear in the Search, so your users will need to wait the first time they add your place.

If PicksUse is True you must specify the parcel key.
**To find your parcel key: Search ALL tab in Second Life Search for your place. Scroll down to the bottom of your place's page, (past the 'Objects Found Here' section.) At the bottom you will see 'Link to this Page' and a url. The last part of that url is your parcel key. How to find Parcel Key.

Help prevent bot abuse with CAPTCHA verify. Will ask a math question.
**When TRUE users must answer a math problem in a popup dialog box to enter.

Minimum age in Months avatar must be to use. (Leave 0 for no minimum, 12 is max.)
**This feature is good if you are using Profile Picks feature. Young avatars' Picks do not count in SL Search.

Avatars older than this many months cannot use. (Leave 0 for no maximum, 24 is max.)

Set TRUE if avatar must have Pay Info on File/Used.
**Pay Info means that the user has been or is now a SL Premium member.




Features can be used by Managers and Owners unless noted otherwise.



Here owners and managers can manually: Draw a winner (entries will also be cleared after winner found,) and also just Clear all entries so far. Both of these options cannot be undone.



This is where you set your most important settings.

------ RAFFLE MODE -----------------

Select your Raffle Mode from the selections below.

  MANUAL - Owner or Managers must Draw Winner manually from COMMANDS menu, (see above.)

  DAILY - You set the drawing time. This is in 24 hour time format. Midnight is 00:00:00 and 11PM is 23:00:00. You are only allowed to select in hourly increments.

  WEEKLY - Select the day of the week and the drawing time.

  MONTHLY - Select the day of the month and the drawing time.

All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time.)

------ SET PRIZE -----------------

You can select from either money or an object prize.

  MONEY - You select a set amount of Lindens that will be paid to winner. If you select this mode you must Grant Pay Permissions. This means a dialog box will ask if this object can "Take Lindens From You?" Select 'Grant' so that the winner can be paid when the time comes.

  PRIZE - You may have up to 18 Objects in this raffle object to use as prizes. Object names must be less than 25 characters and they must be at least Transferable. You can select an object by name or set to RANDOM to choose randomly at drawing time.

------ ENTRY LIMIT -----------------

Allowing avatars to enter multiple times increases their chances of winning while keeping your visitors coming back more often!

  ONE ENTRY - Avatars can only enter once per contest. Default setting.

  ONE A DAY - Avatars can enter again every 24 hours. (Not available for Daily raffles.)

  ONCE EVERY HOUR - Avatars can enter once every 60 minutes to help increase their odds of winning. The 60 minutes starts as soon as they get another entry, on a per individual basis. (No laggy timers, it uses the web to calculate how many minutes since they last entered.)

------ RECURRING -----------------

  RECUR YES - Your contest will be repeated automatically after each drawing. Daily will repeat at same time every day. Weekly will recur on that weekday each week. Monthly will repeat each month on that day (unless that month is without that day, like 31.) Manual will not shut off after you Draw a Winner.

  RECUR NO - Raffle will set itself to Not Running after a winner is drawn.

------ IM AFTER -----------------

This feature will send an IM to all entrants after the contest has ended. They will be informed of the winner and prize won as well as information and SLURL for new contest (if set to Recur.)

Great feature to keep people returning for recurring contest!



Displays current security settings.

Inside the object is a notecard named "*Settings" and you can set your Security settings there, (more info above.)



These settings are only for this object and are not stored in web database. Resetting object will restore defaults for these settings.

  TEXTURE (Raffle Boards only) - Select a color style for the board's background. You can set this to INVENTORY to use your own image. You will need to replace the texture in object's inventory. Download Image templates

  SHOW/HIDE TEXT - Will display or hide floating text.

  TEXT COLOR - Select your floating text color from menus.

  ANNOUNCE - You can select from 4 settings.
           - None: No announcements made, not even winner.
           - Minimum: Announces when Winner is found.
           - Medium: Announce winner and entries as they enter.
           - Maximum: All above, plus once an hour to promote.

  SHOUT ON/OFF - Should Announcements be shouted or said in chat?



Select "Info Stats" from Menu to see how many people have entered the contest so far.



This will set your contest to RUNNING or NOT RUNNING. Entries are not permitted while Not Running.

NOTE: Secondary objects should be Reset from menu or it may take several hours before they update themselves after you turn raffle on/off from Main object.


RESET/LOAD  ( Object Owner Only )

If you make any changes to the notecard inside the object you must use this menu to load it or your changes will not take effect. Settings notecard does NOT load on rez or when scripts are Reset.

  LOAD LISTS - Loads the Settings notecard in object.

  RESET ALL - Good for if raffle is acting strange or to load a different Raffle ID. This is the same as re-rezzing. Most settings will be loaded from web database and will not need to be set again. (Note: if you choose this you will need to load the notecard once again from menu after.)


UPDATES  ( Object Owner Only )

Checks to see if a new Raffle version is available and how to get it if so.




You can use Web Tools to manage your Raffle(s), view entries, and more.

In the Touch Menu select 'Web Tools.'

If you have not already registered you will be taken to the signup page. After registered the "Web Tools" button in Touch Menu will take you to the Control Panel online, (you may need to login first.)

NOTE: You must register with your site username exactly the same as your avatar name in Second Life, first and last with a space in between. You will not be able to use Web Tools if your name does not match exactly. (Contact Alicia Stella for help changing username if needed.)




Upgrade your existing Raffle ID's to get more entries allowed! You need only pay the difference in price from what you already paid!

You can upgrade your Raffle ID's in-world using the included 'Upgrade Box'. Just rez and follow instructions. You will need to Grant Pay Permissions to use it but it will not charge you money until you actually Pay the object.

ASD Raffle Systems are available in 4 varieties. The only difference is the total number of entries allowed per contest. Your Raffle ID's never expire and even if you reach your entry maximum it resets after the contest restarts.

  BRONZE - Up to 100 entries at any given time.
  SILVER - Up to 250 entries at any given time.
  GOLD - Up to 1000 entries at any given time.
  PLATINUM - Up to 999,999 entries at any given time.

The longer your contests last may help you decide on what model is best for you. A daily contest may never exceed 100 entries, but a weekly raffle may.




  Q: Is it alright if I use a Raffle Main object in one sim for awhile but then move it to another sim?

    A: Yes, as long as it's never 2 sims at same time.


  Q: Is there a limit to how many Raffle ID's an avatar can purchase?

    A: If you own 21 or less ID's it will be okay. If you do happen to own 22 or more you will need to IM Alicia Stella for new versions of the Raffle objects. The current version can only handle up to 21 but can easily be updated for you, just ask.


  Q: Why did my Raffle Object (Main) just suddenly Shut Down?

    A: If you rez another Main Object and set it to the same Raffle ID already in use the older object will Shut Down and IM the owner. (This will happen between 3 and 6 hours when the object tries to check into the web database.)


  Q: It says my Web Tools account is not "Verified." What's that all about?

    A: You just need to select the "Web Tools" button from the in-world object's Touch Menu. Your account should then be verified and your option to manage Raffle(s) will appear on the site. (If even after this it still says unverified or does not show you as owning a Raffle ID on the site please contact Alicia Stella for assistance.)


  Q: Why can't I get Web Tools to work? I can login but not access my products.

    A: Did you create your Web Tools' Username *exactly* as your name in Second Life? It must be your First and Last name with a space in between. Example: "Alicia Stella" If you need to change your username contact Alicia Stella. Do not create a new account.


  Q: My Prize Object is NO MOD so I cannot change the name to make it 24 or less characters! What can I do?

    A: Take all prize objects out of Raffle Object and then go back to the Prize menu and select "RANDOM." Now add in your prize object(s), 1 to 18 max. If you only have one it will always give that one. This way they can be more than 24 characters now!


  Q:How do I use my own texture on a Raffle Board?.

    A: Replace the textures inside the raffle board named _moneytexture and _prizetexture with your own textures by the same name. Then select INVENTORY from the OBJ. OPTIONS > TEXTURES touch menu. (You can always go back to default gray or colorful textures from Obj. Options > Textures menu as well.)


Raffle Board Image Templates avalaible here

All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time.)


VER 2.1 - June 3, 2015: Update

  Stability Updates: Should no longer shutdown due to web connection issues.

  Minimum Distance Feature Added: When in use requires users to be within X meters to be able to enter. Good for making sure your visitors walk all the way to the raffle before entering. (Set in Settings notecard. Leave 0 for no minimum, 256 is max.)

  Anti-Bot Verification has been changed from text based to math captcha. Users must now answer a simple addition or subtraction problem to enter, when enabled.

  Drawing time bug-fixes.

VER 2.0 - July 9, 2012: Update

  New Raffle Board Designs! - Now you can display the last winner on the board, as well as the raffle restrictions (such as group, picks, etc). Includes four different styles with low prim options.

  Raffle Boards now in COLORS! - You can select from 8 color styles in the OBJ OPTIONS > TEXTURE menu. Only works in new board objects and not your own objects.

  Entry Limit feature added. - Allow users to enter multiple times: once per day or once per hour. The default is still one per contest, but you can change it from 'RaffleSetup' in the touch menu. Having more tickets will increase an avatar's chance of winning and hopefully bring your customers back more often. You can view how many tickets users have at Web Tools > Current Entries.

  Must be Present to Win added. - Set this in Settings notecard in Main raffle object. If active avatars must be in the same parcel or sim (depending on your settings) to be eligible at time of drawing. If they are not present another name will be drawn instead.

  Choose whether to 'Clear All' entrants after contest end -or- retain all users. Set this in Settings notecard inside Main raffle object. Can be useful for drawing multiple winners for the same raffle or so contestants stay on record through to next contest. (Note that avatars are always removed from entries list when they win, even if 'Clear All' is disabled.)

  Will now check for Profile Pick again at time of drawing, in addition to when user enters. If winner does not have place in Picks, another name will be drawn.

  Profile Picks Help texture updated for new viewers.

  Upgrading bug fix and security fixes.

VER 1.9 - April 8, 2011: Update

  SL Server upgrades compatibility issues corrected. - Older versions may have strange error messages or may not draw winner at drawing time.

  Security Fixes.

  Bug fix for contest still completing after unit was shut down.

VER 1.8 - March 2011: Update

  Daylight Savings Compatibility Issue - Weekly mode was affected by the version 1.7 update. The scripts have now been corrected for daylight savings.

VER 1.7 - March 7, 2011: Update

  Monthly mode fixed - Monthly was not working for day 1 through day 9 of month.

  Announcements - Announcements will no longer play when contest Off. Also, SLurl added to announcements so avatars know where to enter the contest.

  Security Fix - Important security fix since previous version.

VER 1.5 - February 7, 2011: Update

  Raffle Board object can now be used for both Money AND Prize object contests. Also, the board now comes with scripts installed.

  "Info Sign" object has had a minor update to fix url format.

  Important security error fixed. This version is much more secure than prior version.

  Local Ban List added. Add unlimited names to ban list using Web Tools. These avatars will not be allowed to enter contest. (Select "WebTools" button from owner touch menu.)

  Master Ban List added. You can opt into the master ban list using Web Tools. This will block many known bots and system abusers from participating in your raffle. (Select "WebTools" button from owner touch menu.)

  Web Settings added. These can only be edited using Web Tools and allow you to modify your raffle's public listing. See this link for more information.

VER 1.0 - January 26, 2009: Product Original Release


ABOUT RAFFLE OBJECT SHELLS - Sold Separately - Available Here   



Raffle Shells are objects that you can use for your Raffle Contests. Some Shells include special features that interact with the Raffle.

To use a Raffle Shell you must already own a Raffle ID (by purchasing a Raffle System Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Set.

Once acquired you can simply move all the Raffle Scripts into the objects. (More details below.)



1. Open either the Main or Secondary Raffle Object in-world, like you would OPEN a boxed item.

2. Copy Contents to Inventory. It will create a folder in your inventory.

3. Rez Raffle Shell Object in World. Click and drag ALL scripts, notecards, & textures from folder in inventory to your Shell object. (You must use ALL contents!)

4. After finished open Shell object in EDIT and choose "Reset Scripts in Selection" from TOOLS menu at top of screen.


TIP: Because they are Modifiable you can change the Colors/Textures/Size, etc. of your Shell objects.

TIP: Most Raffle Shells can also be used for non-raffle ideas. You can use the Custom Tip Jar scripts in the Treasure Chest or Diamond shell objects for example!


All Shell Objects are MODIFY / COPY / NO TRANSFER
Some Scripts included are No Modify