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ASD GIVEAWAY SYSTEM - Version 1.5   

ONLY HAVE 1 MAIN UNIT REZZED PER GIVEAWAY ID. Only the most recently rezzed Main object will work correctly.
(Rez 1 Main object & unlimited 'Secondary' objects per giveaway.)

You must have Copy and Transfer permission to the Items you give away, (more info at bottom.)

These Instructions are separated into 8 sections:
  1. The License Box (Do this First)
  2. GiveAway Setup Instructions
  3. About the Features
  4. Touch Menu Controls
  5. Secondary Objects
  6. Web Tools Info
  7. Upgrade Info
  8. FAQ and Help

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Before setting up a GiveAway you will first need to get a GiveAway ID setup.

Rez your included "License Box" Object. (Make sure you are not set Busy.)

It will automatically create your database and issue you an ID Number.

After finished it will Die and poof. You only get one ID number per License Box. (You may purchase more sets for more ID's.)

If there is a problem creating the database the License Box will display information in floating text and issue a warning message. Follow whatever instructions it says.




  1. Rez a GiveAway [MAIN] object and select GiveAway ID to use from dialog Menu. (Reset Scripts if no menu.)

  2. Touch the GiveAway [MAIN] and select "Setup" from dialog menu and it will take you to a settings page in your Internet browser. If you are not signed up on our site yet this button will help you get registered. You can only setup your GiveAway from the web.

  3. Touch the GiveAway [MAIN] and select "Obj Options" from dialog menu. Here you will find options such as Floating Text color, announcements, and more depending on the object style, (more info below.)

  4. Optional: Set up unlimited GiveAway [Secondary] objects anywhere in Second Life! Users can get the same item from these objects from anywhere you place them. You can use the main settings or override settings in each Secondary object, (more info below.)




The following settings can only be changed using the Web Tools web site. See Web Tools section below for more info on registration.

------ BASIC SETTINGS -----------------

  Giveaway Name - This is used in several places such as first line of Floating Text and in IM's to avatars.

  Giveaway Info - This is optional, leave blank for none. It will be displayed as 2nd line of Floating Text.

  Nickname - Nicknames are handy for telling apart multiple GiveAway ID's if you have more than one.

  Custom Message - Instant Message sent to avatar when they receive item. Leave blank for no IM.

  Optional Texture - UUID Key for a texture to display on Giver Objects in-world. To get a texture UUID right click texture in your Inventory and select 'Copy Asset UUID.'

  Texture Face - Texture can only be shown on KEY prim. Have this set to 'No Texture Use' to not use texture.

  Show On Website - This will list your GiveAway Location on the web site's master list free. People browsing may come across it and visit your place. TIP: If you have a texture UUID entered above it will be used on the website's public list, even if you're not using it in-world and have 'No Texture Use' selected for Face setting. If the texture is not showing up on the web, try uploading it to SL again and copy the new version's UUID instead.

------ GIVEAWAY MODE -----------------

  NONSTOP - Giveaways can only be started or stopped manually by owners or managers. This method is best for items such as notecards or landmarks that you do not plan to stop. Also it is more reliable if you start giveaways manually either from inworld Main object touch menu or from web so you can be sure it works properly.

  HOURLY - Will start new giveaway every hour on the hour.

  DAILY - You set the time. This is in 24 hour time format. Midnight is 00:00:00 and 11PM is 23:00:00. You are only allowed to select in hourly increments.

  WEEKLY - Select the day of the week and specify the time.

  MONTHLY - Select the day of the month and specify the time.

All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time.)

------ GIVEAWAY SETTINGS -----------------

  Recurring - If False the system will shut down when giveaway complete.

  IM All After - This feature will send an IM to all previous users when starting/completing giveaway. They will be informed of the new item being given and a SLURL (if set to Recur.)

  IM Owner - Sends IM to Owner after Giveaway complete/starting.

------ ITEM INFORMATION -----------------

  Random Mode - Chooses something randomly from the items in inventory. Item is selected at Start of giveaway, either manually or through one of the scheduled giveaway modes. When using Random mode the Items to be given away must be in MAIN object. You do not need to specify item name if using random setting.

  Item Type - You must specify an item type if Random Mode is TRUE. You can select any 1 type or allow for 'Any Type.'

  Item Name - There is a drop-down box that displays all available items to give inside the MAIN object. If an item is not listed click the 'Refresh List' link and wait a few seconds.

  Avatar Limit - How many can an avatar get? Set to 0 for no limit. Restricting an item to 1 per avatar can keep the integrity of valuable free items.

  Total Limit - How many to give out total? Set 0 for no limit. If Recur is set to False above the system will shut down when total limit is given away. The total given is based on how many avatars have received an item and not how many items are given.

Scripts are the only Inventory type that cannot be given using this system.

------ SECURITY SETTINGS -----------------

These settings can restrict who is allowed to get items.

  Group Use - If true users must have same group as object active.

  Use Custom Message - Custom Message when Touched in Group Mode. (If FALSE a URL to Join your Group will be used instead.) You would only need to use this if your Group is NOT Open Enrollment. That way you can explain by which means people may join your group.

  Anti-Bot Verification - When TRUE users must select a random word from a list in a popup dialog box to use.

  Minimum Age - Minimum age in Months avatar must be to use. (Leave 0 for no minimum, 12 is max.) This is great if the item is for newbies only!

  Maximum Age - Avatars older than this many months cannot use. (Leave 0 for no maximum, 24 is max.)

  Pay Info Required - Set TRUE if avatar must have Pay Info on File/Used. Pay Info means that the user has been or is now a SL Premium member.

------ MANAGERS LIST -----------------

Owner can specify avatars allowed access to web tools and that can change settings. You may list unlimited Avatar names separated by commas. Names must be exactly same as in Second Life. CaSe SeNsItIvE!

Only the Owner is allowed to add/remove Managers from list.

------ BAN LIST -----------------

These avatars cannot receive any item from any Givers in-world connected to this GiveAway ID. You may list unlimited Avatar names separated by commas. Names must be exactly same as in Second Life. CaSe SeNsItIvE!

Also you can opt into the Master Ban List. This will block many known bots and system abusers from participating in your giveaway.

Managers and Owners can add names to ban list using Web Tools.

------ MANAGE EMAILS -----------------

Email Reports can be sent to 1 email address and contain lists of avatars for the cycle period and total counts.

Reports are sent when current list is cleared, either from a new giveaway starting or manually clearing it.

Only the Owner may view/edit the email settings and Managers cannot.

------ PASSWORD -----------------

The Password is used to keep others from depositing false information into your records.

Can be any word with letters and numbers only, no spaces or special characters allowed.

Only the Owner may view/edit the password and Managers cannot.




Features can be used by Managers and Owners unless noted otherwise.



Only visible if GiveAway is Running.

Selecting this is the same as when others Touch the object. So owner and managers can test GiveAway and get the item as a guest would.



Here owners and managers can manually:

  Start Now - If you have IM All feature enabled it will send a message to all names on current list and then clear current list. This way the same avatars can come back again. Full Records will still be available after clearing Current List. An email will be sent if you have email option on. If Random Mode is true a new item will be selected from within the MAIN object.

  Clear List - The Current List is primarily used for limited giveaways (like 1 per user.) Full Records will still be available after clearing Current List. An email will be sent if you have email option on.

Both of these options cannot be undone.



Takes you to web page for basic GiveAway settings, (more info above.)



Takes you to web page for setting security settings, (more info above.)



These settings are only for this object and are not stored in web database. Resetting object will restore defaults for these settings.

  SHOW/HIDE TEXT - Will display or hide floating text.

  LESS/MORE TEXT - Will display or hide an extra line of text that says item name to be given.

  TEXT COLOR - Select your floating text color from menus.

  ANNOUNCE - You can select from 4 settings.
           - None: Not announce anything ever.
           - Minimum: Announces new Giveaway starting.
           - Medium: Giveaway start and once per hour.
           - Maximum: At start and every 15 minutes.

  SHOUT ON/OFF - Should Announcements be shouted or said in chat?



Select "Info Stats" from Menu to see how many avatars are on record.



This will set your GiveAway to RUNNING or NOT RUNNING. Avatars will not be permitted to get an item while system is Not Running.

NOTE: Secondary objects may take a few hours to turn on/off. You can Reset the Secondary objects individually to load them faster.


RESET  ( Object Owner Only )

  Reset Now - Good for if GiveAway is acting strange or to load a different GiveAway ID. This is the same as re-rezzing. Most settings will be loaded from web database and will not need to be set again. Only Obj. Options (such as float text color or announcements) will need to be set again after reset.


UPDATES  ( Object Owner Only )

Checks to see if a new GiveAway version is available and how to get it if so.




Unlimited Secondary Objects can be placed anywhere in Second Life.

Secondary Objects can be set to give the same item from the MAIN object or give a different item. Either way the transaction log will still be stored on web.

Secondary Objects have nearly the same menu features as the Main object. Owner and Managers can both control Secondary Object touch menus.

You may override settings in an individual Secondary object. If you do not wish to use the Main settings from web open the "Override Settings" notecard within the Secondary object. Here you can set the settings you wish to use for this object. After you have saved the notecard you must Touch and select 'Override' and then 'Load Note' from menu for the new settings to take effect.

Tip: Take a copy of your already set-up Secondary Object if you are using Override Settings. That way when you rez another one you will not need to re-enter settings again.

Secondary Objects are great to use as Landmark or Notecard Givers that you can place all over Second Life.




Use Web Tools to manage your GiveAway(s), view records, change settings, and more.

In the Touch Menu select 'Web Tools.'

If you have not already registered you will be taken to the signup page. After registered the "Web Tools" button in Touch Menu will take you to the Control Panel online, (you may need to log in first.)

NOTE: You must register with your username exactly the same as your avatar name in Second Life, first and last with a space in between. You will not be able to use Web Tools if your name does not match exactly. (Contact Alicia Stella for help changing username if needed.)




Currently only Basic version is available. At a later time it will be possible to upgrade to a Professional edition. The Pro version will allow you to give Giver Objects away to others to host on their land for you, but connected to your system.

More information coming soon about upgrading.




  Q: What is the difference between 'Current List' and 'Total Records'?

    A: The Current List is really only useful in Giveaways with an AV Limit. If you allow only 1 item per avatar for example, the Current List contains the names of avatars that have already received it. You can Clear this list whenever you like so they may take an item again. Total Records will still be intact after clearing the Current List. Total Records is a transaction history with logs of every time an avatar was given an item.


  Q: Is it alright if I use a GiveAway [MAIN] object in one sim for awhile but then move it to another sim?

    A: Yes, as long as it's never 2 sims at same time.


  Q: Is there a limit to how many GiveAway ID's an avatar can purchase?

    A: If you own 21 or less ID's it will be okay. If you do happen to own 22 or more you will need to IM Alicia Stella for new versions of the GiveAway objects. The current version can only handle up to 21 but can easily be updated for you, just ask.


  Q: Why did my GiveAway [Main] object just suddenly Shut Down?

    A: If you rez another Main Object and set it to the same GiveAway ID already in use the older object will Shut Down and IM the owner. (This will happen between 3 and 6 hours when the object tries to check into the web database.)


  Q: It says my Web Tools account is not "Verified." What's that all about?

    A: You just need to select the "Web Tools" button from the in-world object's Touch Menu. Your account should then be verified and your option to manage GiveAway(s) will appear on the site. (If even after this it still says unverified or does not show you as owning a GiveAway ID on the site please contact Alicia Stella for assistance.)


  Q: Why can't I get Web Tools to work? I can login but not access my products.

    A: Did you create your Web Tools' Username *exactly* as your name in Second Life? It must be your First and Last name with a space in between. Example: "John Smith" If you need to change your username contact Alicia Stella. Do not create a new account.


  Q: My item name is not being stored correctly in the Total Records.

    A: If you have the plus sign (+) or ampersand (&) characters in your item name it will not be stored correctly. Rename your object to correct this issue. It can still be given to avatars, even if it looks wrong in records.


  Q: My Texture is not being displayed in public GiveAway list.

    A: If the texture is not showing up on the web, try uploading it to SL again and copy the new version's UUID instead.


You should have Copy and Transfer permission to the Items you Give Away: The items you give away can be set to any permissions you want for next owner. However, you yourself must have Copy and Transfer permission of the item to be given using this system. (If you do not have copy permission, once the item is given away it will no longer be available to be given again. Also, you cannot add multiple copies of the same item because the duplicate objects will rename themselves to have 1, 2, 3, etc at end of name and not be recognized by the system.)

Scripts are the only Inventory type that cannot be given using this system.

All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time.)


VER 1.5 - June 2010: Product Update

  Fixed system crash after region restart.

  Fixed Stack-Heap Collision errors. DB Script should no longer run out of memory.

  Added feature to not pick same item twice in a row with Random Mode. This cannot work if there is only 1 item in inventory or if you have 'ANY TYPE' selected for inventory type to choose from.

  Secondary Objects will always load note on rez from now on. This is to prevent texture from changing before checking if Overwrite options in use.


VER 1.0 - April 2010: Product Original Release