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ASD DELIVERY SERVER - Version 1.1   

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Category' for your servers should be your company or organization name. You can manage your Categories using Web Tools. (More info in Categories section below.)

These Instructions are separated into 7 sections:
  1. Setup Servers (Do this First)
  2. Sending Items
  3. Access Lists
  4. Categories
  5. Manage Servers
  6. Web Tools Info
  8. FAQ and Help

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  1. Set a 'Delivery Server' object out in the world.

  2. Select 'Create New' from the dialog menu. (You may select 'Use Existing' if you're replacing or relocating an old server. It will load existing settings.)

  3. Follow the directions given by server to say in private chat a nickname for this server. Example nicknames may be 'Shoes', 'Swimwear', or 'Hair'.

  4. Follow link given in dialog to edit the settings for this server on Web Tools. If the link does not appear Touch server and select 'Settings' button. You must edit the server settings at least once to select a category for the server (more info below.)

  5. Add up to 50 items into the server. Open the Delivery Server object in EDIT/BUILD. Drag items directly from your Inventory into the Content of the server. You can move them in groups or individually. Inventory of the server will be refreshed within 15 seconds of the last item you add, or just hit 'Refresh' button in Touch menu.

Repeat above steps. Set-up as many servers as you need to hold all the items you want to be able to send.




  Sending items In-World

- You can Touch any of the Delivery Servers (above) and select 'Send Item' from Touch menu.

- Included in the box is another object called a 'Sender Server'. These can be set anywhere in Second Life and authorized users can Touch them to send items from the Delivery Servers, (but the Sender Servers do not contain items themselves.)

To configure a Sender Server just set it out and follow the instructions it gives. You must set the object's permission to 'No Transfer' for next owner (you do not need to set the scripts' permissions). It will ask you for which Category you want that Sender Server to send items from. Categories should be your company name (see Categories section below).

After Configured you can give Sender Servers to any avatar you want. Users must be allowed access to send items from servers, even if they are the object owner. (See Access Lists section below for more info.)

  Sending items from the Web

- For info on registering for the website see the 'Web Tools' section below.

- You and any authorized users can send items by logging into the Web Tools website. You can Touch a Server object in-world and select 'Web Tools' button to get to it the first time and then bookmark the page once logged in. Or just go to and log in, then click on Delivery Server from home page.

Helpful Tip: When sending an item you must provide the avatar name that you are sending to. Be sure that it is spelled correctly or the item will not be delivered. When possible you should always Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) the name so you know that it is correct. The avatar name does not need to be case sensitive.

  Sending items using a Smartphone

- While logged into Web Tools (see directly above) you can click on 'Mobile Web' tab and follow instructions there to send items from any web enabled mobile device.

- You can also type the following URL into your phone's web browser and bookmark it:

Helpful Tip: If you're using iPhone or iPod touch to send items you may want to consider shortening long item names in your servers. Long item names will be truncated in the drop-down menu using these devices. You can still see the full name after you tap to select it though. View Image




Names in lists must match Second Life name exactly and are CaSe SeNsItIvE. Separate names by commas.

  Master Manager List

- Set this list by clicking on 'Managers' in Web Tools.

- All names in the master access list are allowed to send items from any of your servers, (unless that server's settings do not permit it).

- Each server can use this list or only it's own Access List. Go to a Server's Settings page to edit this.

  Server's Manager List

- In the Server Settings for each server you can opt in or out of using the Master List (see directly above) and also edit the Access List for this server only.

- The server's manager list can be used with the master manager list, and users on both lists would be allowed. Or the server's list can be used on its own, without master list.




Categories are your different companies or organizations. Most users will only require 1 category, your business name. My only category is "Alicia Stella Design" for example, and all of my servers are in that category.

Set your categories using Web Tools. You should not have more than 50 categories listed. Each Delivery Server belongs to only 1 category and Sender Servers can only send items from one category.

Example: You may have 2 stores and want to keep them separate. You can have a category named after one store and another named after the other store. When you send items you will have different Sender Servers for each store. This helps to simplify sending for you and your staff members.

Helpful Tip: Some users may manage your store and other stores. Categories will help the manager tell the difference between servers owned by you and those owned by others.




If a Delivery Server is 'Not Running' items will not be able to be sent from it. Only the owner can turn a Server off. You can turn it off from Web Tools or by Touch menu in-world. Delivery Servers may also go offline if the web server is unable to connect with them for over 48 hours. If this occurs you should reset scripts in the server in-world.

Edit your Server settings by Touching the Delivery Server and choosing 'Settings' from Touch menu. All settings are managed using Web Tools.

You can have different Colors selected for each server in Settings. Colors are a great way to tell servers apart in-world, on the web, and on your mobile device.

If you no longer need a Server you should delete it both in-world AND from the Server List on Web Tools.

Helpful Tip: You can re-name your Delivery Server objects in-world to better tell them apart in Servers List. Also remember that the avatars you send items to will see the Delivery Server's name.




In the Touch Menu select 'Web Tools.'

If you have not already registered you will be taken to the signup page. After registered the "Web Tools" button in Touch Menu will take you to the Control Panel online, (you may need to log in first.)

NOTE: You must register with your username exactly the same as your avatar name in Second Life, first and last with a space in between. You will not be able to use Web Tools if your name does not match exactly. (Contact Alicia Stella for help changing username if needed.)




  Q: How do I move a server to another sim?

    A: 'Take' (or 'Take a Copy' of) the server from original location. Rez it at the new place and select 'Use Existing' from dialog menu. Then select the nickname for this server from dialog menu. It will load the existing settings. (Note: If the old server is still running in the other sim it will create an error within 48 hours. Always remove the old one when moving it to a new location.)


  Q: Why is everything limited to 50?

    A: You can technically have more than 50 Delivery Servers, 50 items per Server, and 50 Category names but I strongly advise against it. You will only be able to select from the first 50 items alphabetically when using in-world Servers. Having more than 50 servers or items can cause issues when sending items from some mobile devices as well. You can still see all items using web tools however.


  Q: Why didn't the avatar get the item?

    A: The avatar name you provide can be case insensitive, but MUST be spelled correctly. This system uses the SL Search, W-Hat's Name2Key, and Vision Tech's Name2Key database to locate keys for avatars. If the avatar name provided cannot be found in all 3 databases the sender will be notified by IM and the item will not be sent.

If the avatar is set Busy or Away they will not receive the item or custom IM when it is sent. No error message will be reported so it is always best to ask the recipient personally if the item was received.


  Q: What if I no longer want to allow someone access, but I already gave them a Sender Server?

    A: No sensitive information is contained in the Sender Servers that you pass to others. Avatars will never be able to send items from Sender Servers unless they are on your Access Lists on Web Tools. If an avatar you no longer wish to have access owns a Sender Server, once their name is removed from Access List they will not be able to send items, not even from the object they own. (See more info about Access Lists above.)


  Q: Why did my Delivery Server object suddenly Shut Down?

    A: There should only be 1 server per Nickname running at a time. If you rez another Delivery Server and set it to the same Nickname already in use the older object will Shut Down and IM the owner. (This will happen between 1 and 2 days when the object tries to check into the web database.)


  Q: It says my Web Tools account is not "Verified." What's that all about?

    A: You just need to select the "Web Tools" button from the in-world object's Touch Menu. Your account should then be verified and your option to manage Delivery Server will appear on the site. (If even after this it still says unverified on the site please contact Alicia Stella for assistance.)


  Q: Why can't I get Web Tools to work? I can login but not access my products.

    A: Did you create your Web Tools' Username *exactly* as your name in Second Life? It must be your First and Last name with a space in between. Example: "John Smith" If you need to change your username contact Alicia Stella. Do not create a new account.


  Q: My item name is not being stored correctly in the Total Records.

    A: If you have the plus sign (+) or ampersand (&) characters in your item name it will not be stored correctly. It can still be given to avatars, even if it looks wrong in records. You can rename your object to correct this issue.


You must have Transfer permission to the items you want to send.

Scripts are the only inventory type that cannot be given using this system.


VER 1.1 - November 2011: Name processing bug fixed

VER 1.0 - July 2010: Product Original Release