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ASD CAMPER SERVER - Version 1.1   

CAUTION: Only have up to 40 maximum camp devices listening on 1 server channel. All must be within same sim as server object.  

DO NOT USE THE SAME CHANNEL FOR MORE THAN 1 SERVER. If you have more than 1 Servers connected to the same channel only the most recently rezzed object will work correctly. Within a short time the older servers will shut themselves down.

IMPORTANT: Touch your Camping items before setup and select the "Updates" button to be sure you have the most recent version.

These Instructions are separated into 6 sections:
  1. The License Box (Do this First)
  2. Server Setup Instructions
  3. About the Settings Notecard
  4. Touch Menu Features
  5. Web Tools Info
  6. FAQ and Help

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Before using a Camper Server you will first need to get a Channel setup.

Rez your included "License Box" Object. (Make sure you are not set Busy.)

It will automatically create your database and issue you a Channel Number.

After finished it will Die and poof. You only get one channel per License Box. (More may be purchased.)

If there is a problem creating the database the License Box will display information in floating text and issue a warning message. Follow whatever instructions it says.




  1. Rez Camper Server and select channel to use from dialog Menu. (Reset Scripts if no menu.)

  2. Copy the server channel into the Camp Items' Configuration notecards in your sim that you wish to connect with this server. (Camp items can be owned by you and/or 2 extra owners, more below.)

  3. Fill out the Settings and Access/Ban List inside object. You must select "Load Lists" and "LoadSetting" buttons from Reset/Load menu after editing each note or the settings will not be saved. ('Reset All' button does not load notes and they do not load on rez either.)

  4. Touch the Camper Server for settings menus.

  5. Select "Web Tools" button from touch menu to manage your Camper Server on the internet. (If you are not signed up on our site yet this button will help you get registered too.)




Edit the Server Settings note inside the server object and select "LoadSetting" button from Reset/Load menu after saving.

You can have up to 18 Managers by adding names to the manager list in the note. Managers have most of the abilities for the server as owners do in-world. Managers cannot use Web Tools.

You can also have up to 2 extra owners. Owners have more abilities than Managers and can use Web Tools for the server. Camp Items may be owned by these avatars in addition to the server owner. This is handy if you use a financial avatar for camp devices or share camp items with business partners. (To find the extra owner's key rez the included "Key Finder" object and have the avatar Touch it. The key will be said in chat.)

You can set your daily owner IM's on/off. This will tell you how much was given away for the day at midnight if enabled.

Also in this Settings note you can give a Nickname for this server. Nicknames are handy for telling apart multiple server channels on the Web Tools site if you have access to more than one.




Features can be used by Managers and Owners unless noted otherwise.

Most features can also be changed from Web Tools by owners, (info below.)



Here owners and managers can: Turn On All listening camping items, Turn them All Off, or run a check to see How Many there are listening.



When enabled the server will Turn all listening camping items ON at Start Time and OFF at End Time every day.

This is in 24 hour time format. Midnight is 00:00:00 and 11PM is 23:00:00. You are only allowed to select in hourly increments.



The Limits let you control how much is spent. Current amounts can be seen at top of Limits submenu. Set any of them to 0 (zero) to not use that Limit setting.

  DAILY LIMIT - When this is paid out from listening Camp items the server will turn them all off until the next day, (midnight.)

  AVATAR LIMIT - Avatars can only earn this much total per day. After that amount they will no longer be able to use any listening Camp items until the next day, (around midnight.)

  SIM LIMIT - All listening Camp items will turn off and server will turn off when this amount paid. Only the Owner can Turn them back on after.

Choose "Clear Cache" from 'Limits' menu to clear the day's avatar daily amounts collected so far.

Select "Reset Totals" to reset the Daily and Sim Global tally. (Reseting or re-rezzing server will also reset daily/sim totals.)



Inside the Server object is a notecard named "Access/Ban List." It can hold up to 120 names, one per line.

In the 'Lists' submenu you can choose "Load Lists" if you've made any changes to the notecard.

Choose your "List Type" from Access or Ban List. Or just select "Off" for no list use.

  ACCESS LIST - If using this mode all names on notecard are the only avatars allowed to use all listening Camp items. (This mode best for staff only items such as Model Stands.)

  BAN LIST - If using this mode all names on notecard are NOT ALLOWED to use any listening Camp items at all. (This mode best used for public camping devices to disallow abusers.)



Select "Channel" from Menu to learn the channel in use. Do not share your channel with anyone except your other owners. This should remain confidential for security.



Select "Statistics" from Menu to see how much has been paid out so far today, and since last reset. (Day ends at 12AM Pacific time.)


SERVER ON/OFF  ( Object Owner Only )

This will turn on/off all server features. Server will stop listening for camping items while off.


RESET/LOAD  ( Object Owner Only )

If you make any changes to the notecards inside the object you must use this menu to load them or your changes will not take effect. Notecards are NOT loaded on rez or when scripts are Reset.

  LOAD LISTS - Loads the Access/Ban List notecard.

  LOADSETTING - Loads the Settings Notecard.

  RESET ALL - Good for if server acting strange or to load a different channel. This is the same as re-rezzing. Most settings will be loaded from web database and will not need to be set again. (Note: if you choose this you will need to load any notecards once again from the menu.)


UPDATES  ( Object Owner Only )

Checks to see if a new Server version is available and how to get it if so.




You and your extra owners can use Web Tools to manage your Camper Server, track transactions, and more.

In the Touch Menu select 'Web Tools.'

If you have not already registered you will be taken to the signup page. After registered the "Web Tools" button in server menu will take you to the Control Panel online, (you may need to login first.)

NOTE: You must register with your site username exactly the same as your avatar name in Second Life, first and last with a space in between. You will not be able to use Web Tools if your name does not match exactly. (Contact Alicia Stella for help changing username if needed.)




  Q: Why can a channel only be used in 1 sim at a time?

    A: Most server data is stored in a web database and the last unit to store data will be the only working unit running if more than one on same channel, even if in different sims.

 - You can only have 1 server running on a channel. -


  Q: Is it alright if I use a channel in one sim for awhile but then move it to another sim?

    A: Yes, as long as it's never 2 sims at same time.


  Q: Is there a limit to how many CHANNELS an avatar can purchase?

    A: If you own 21 or less Channels it will be okay. If you do happen to own 22 or more you will need to IM Alicia Stella for a new version of the Camper Server object. The current version can only handle up to 21 Channels but can easily be updated for you, just ask.


  Q: Why is it sometimes when I am clicking on the Server Object it doesn't respond?

    A: When using the Server in world I suggest always zooming your screen close enough to clearly make out the little Green and Red lights, (on the bottom-right corner.) Sometimes while the red light is on the server may be busy. (Red light also on while server Off.)


  Q: Why did my Camper Server just suddenly Shut Down?

    A: If you have a Sim Limit set when reached it will shut your server down along with camping items until you Touch... But also, if you rez another Server Object and set it to the same channel already in use the older object will Shut Down and IM the owner. (This will happen between 3 and 6 hours when the server tries to check into the web database.)


  Q: It says my Web Tools account is not "Verified." What's that all about?

    A: You just need to select the "Web Tools" button from the in-world server object's Touch Menu. Your account should then be verified and your option to manage servers will appear on the site. (If even after this it still says unverified or doesn’t show you as owning a server on the site please contact Alicia Stella for assistance.)


  Q: Why can't I get Web Tools to work? I can login but not access my servers.

    A: Did you create your Web Tools' Username *exactly* as your name in Second Life? It must be your First and Last name with a space in between. Example: "Alicia Stella" If you need to change your username contact Alicia Stella. Do not create a new account.


  Q: I'm trying to change settings from the web and it keeps saying: "Sorry, connection not successful. Please try again." What can I do?

    A: You should select "Reset All" from in-world Touch Menu. This will force a new communication key to be formed. The problem usually only occurs after a sim reset and usually corrects itself within a few hours. A reset will force it faster is all.


ADVANCED SCRIPTING OPTION:  Also included in the original box is a "Custom Script." You can drop that into your Camper Server object and edit it to do something when an avatar is Paid by any of the listening Camp devices. See the inside of the script for more information.

CAUTION: Only have up to 40 maximum camp devices listening on 1 server channel. All must be within same sim as server object.

All times are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time US (SL Time.)



VER 1.1 - December 19, 2008: Minor Bug Fixes

  If Daily Limit set to 0 (off) all listening camp items would Turn ON at midnight. (If already on they would Unsit anyone camping.)

  If server could not connect to web database on routine check-in (every 3 to 6 hours,) it would Shut Down the camper server object until Owner reset. It will not Shut Down now, but if it cannot connect 5 times in a row it will send the owner an IM explaining what may be wrong.

  The nickname did not update in the Owner Menu after loading settings notecard until after a routine check-in with web database 3 to 6 hours later. Now updates instantly.

VER 1.0 - December 9, 2008: Product Original Release